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Doping is an educational technology company. We help students improve their exam performance and school performance with our ML-based comprehensive digital products where students can get cutting-edge online education methods and meet all their needs for their learning.


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Leading market player in Turkey’s growing online educational space.

Doping Technology was founded in 2011. Along with over 200 dedicated employees, we lead the development of the educational sector by designing modern programs with our unique technology-enhanced teaching tools. By providing hundreds of thousands of students with the instructional materials they need, our technology aims at a holistic and systematic experience for its users.


  • Doping supports students from the 4th to the 12th grade for their exams and school processes on the way to increase their success and motivation to learning

  • It is an application that allows students to instantly connect with its qualified teachers over mobile devices, to help them understand the subjects that they have difficulty with

  • This is for you to solve the questions you cannot solve & in the form of video narration. You take a photo of the problem and upload it to the system, and the solutions are delivered to you in a very short time

  • In that application, you can receive guidance & support in real time with a live conversation with the counselor in the system


    Lectures without boundaries are
    awaiting for you

    Doping Hafıza, main product of our company, is an ML-based online educational platform dedicated to developing video-based learning environments compatible with the needs of the Turkey Primary, Middle and Secondary School Curriculum.

    The educational content aims at presenting the lesson contents through the integration of animations and simulations, specifically in science and math lessons. For verbal lessons, such as Turkish Language, History and Geography, it predominantly includes mind maps, memory enhanced techniques, and visual learning elements.

    • 70.000+

    • 1.000.000+

      Quizzes along with solution videos
    • 5.000+

    • 20.000+

    • 350.000+

      Minutes of content


      • Gamification

        It is a powerful tool for catalyzing motivation towards learning

      • Memory Techniques

        They provide the learners to retrieve the knowledge

      • Mind Maps

        They aid students to visualize the knowledge structures and connect ideas

      • Personalized Study Program

        It offers students to set and track their own learning pace

      • Infographics

        They represent data and ideas visually to enhance learning

      • Guidance Videos

        They are videos to satisfy the counseling needs of students

      • Interactive Videos

        They stimulate engagement and motivation towards learning

      • Parent Information System

        Parents can easily track the performance of the students




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